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About procrastination...

Turlington By Kurt Markus
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Yo era de las que de pequeña siempre dejaba los deberes para último momento. Y era buena estudiante, pero nunca pude corregir ese mal hábito. Incluso en mis días de facultad, apuraba siempre hasta última hora, para entregar trabajos, preparar exámenes...

Lo “malo” es que al final me salía bien. Supongo que por eso, ahora, tengo cierta tendencia a dejar las cosas para luego. Hay quien procura quitarse de encima cuanto antes las tareas que menos le gustan. Sin embargo, yo siempre lo dejo para más adelante, como si fuera a ocurrir algún tipo de milagro. Como si al abrir el armario me lo fuera a encontrar ordenado por arte de magia, o que unos duendecillos me llevaran al día las facturas y papeleo.

Imagino que hasta aquí, mi comportamiento no es tan raro, supongo que no soy la única que lo hace. Pero qué pasa cuando lo que dejamos para más adelante son cosas que supuestamente nos gustan? ¿Por qué aplazamos las tareas supuestamente agradables? Ya sea hacer deporte, un viaje o ir a visitar a un amigo...

¿Hay algo que dejes siempre para más tarde?

¿Qué pasa cuando siempre surge algo más importante que acaba relegando para después lo que nos apetece? ¿Estamos realmente tan ocupados? ¿Es falta de interés? ¿Simple pereza?

¿Deberíamos redefinir nuestras prioridades?

When I was a kid I used to do my homework in the very last minute. And despite being a good student, I never got to correct this bad habit. Even when I was in University, I always waited till last minute to give in my class works or study for exams.

"Unfortunately" it always turned out quite well for me, so probably that's why now I tend to procrastinate. Some people try to get rid of what they don't like the soonest. However, I always leave for later all those tasks that I don't like as if some kind of miracle could make it happen by itself. As if the closet would be put in order by magic arts or some elves would bring up to date my bills and paperwork.

I guess my behavior is not so rare, I'm probably not the only one who does it. But what happens when we leave for later the stuff we're supposed to like? Why do we delay nice things? Such as sports, traveling or going to visit a friend...

Is there anything that you always leave for later?

What happens when there's always something more important to do than what we like to do? Are we really that busy? Is it a lack of interest? Is it plain laziness?

Should we redefine our priorities?

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  1. Hi Alex, what a great post! I too am a procrastinator and have often thought about why that is. For me, some of it is just simple time management or lack there of. But, after much inward thought I have discovered alot of it to be based on fear. Fear of getting it wrong, fear of ending up with a less then perfect result or fear of being unfairly judged by others. which seems silly when I think about it logically but sometimes my unconscious mind gets the better of me. Looking forward to your next post Alex. Regards Heather

    1. Hi Heather, I never thought it had to do with fear but you might be right as I'm quite perfectionist, that makes sense.
      Thxs, Alex.



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